Swiss nationalist (SVP) Baettig’s antisemitic past

Dominique Baettig, a member of the national council, has, like other SVP policians, taken part in extreme rightwing meetings in Europe. Before starting a career as a SVP politician, he was the editor of a rightwing journal that published antisemitic articles. Some articles in the journal also defended German national-socialism and Rudolf Hess. He also made a publication in praise of Franco Freda. Freda is a rightwing activist who published works like the protocols and Fords “International Jew”.

Baetig also made a formal interpellation at the federal level. In it he demanded to know what the costs for invasive species were without telling them that he meant humans and not insects.

Baettig now writes for Ulrich Schlüer’s “Schweizerzeit”, where he reportedly laments that all historical revisionism is prohibited.

Some other cases:

The SVP was represented at the right-extreme Burschenschafts-Ball in Vienna with Walter Wobmann. (Beat Mosimann, who was in the media because of racist and antisemitic facebook posts, is in Walter Wobmann’s SVP section). The Wiener Korporationsball is probably the worlds biggest right-extreme event. Participants included people from Front National (Le Pen, the Holocaust denier and fascist Bruno Gollnisch), NPD, the spanish fascist and antisemite Enrique Ravello, …

The owner of the Rimuss company Emil Rahm, an antisemite and conspiracy theorist (see Frischknecht, Jürg et. al., Die unheimlichen Patrioten: Politische Reaktion in der Schweiz: Ein aktuelles Handbuch, Zürich 1987, S. 414-418. ) is also an active SVP politician.

Schlüer, a famous SVP polictician an publisher of Schweizerzeit, was also at meetings at the Münchner Burschenschaft, which has sympathies to national-socialsim. Oscar Freysinger has also given his supportive greetings to the PRO-NRW group, which includes former NPD and DVU members.

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