SVP likes foreigners

The SVP likes foreigners if they are rich and ruthless military dictators.

For instance, the SVP fights a proposal that funds from former dictators can be given back to the population of the respective countries. The SVP also fought against an initiative that would have prohibited the sale of weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran (that was at the same time when the vote for the initiative against minarets was).

Several SVP members are making money out of weapons exports. SVP chief Blocher was instrumental in exporting weapons to Apartheid South Africa, and member of the national council Bruno Zuppiger (Bauer Associates Limited) exported weapons to the Middle East.


The poster shows the double standards of the SVP: Selling weapons to dictators in the Middle East but forbidding minarets in Switzerland.

Peace or War? At the same election day, Swiss voters voted for more exports of weapons to dictators in the Middle East, and for less minarets for Muslims in Switzerland.–Daempfer-fuer-die-SVP–/story/30306541

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