SVP politician Alexander Müller tweets about the need of another Kristallnacht

SVP politician Alexander Müller has come under criticism because he wrote on twitter (as @dailytalk) that we ‘may need another “kristallnacht” – this time against mosques’. Shortly afterwards he fantasized about putting ‘certain people against a wall and shooting them – less dirt on earth would be good’.

He at first denied making the tweets, deleted them, and started complaining about the leftist, lying media and the journalists (and asked/threatened the media to take the screenshot down, because it was “faked”), but it was already too late as the tweets were already retweeted many times and were also found on a twitter monitoring tool.

The now famous twitter messages of Alexander Müller.

The tweets are not surprising given the SVP’s hardline rightwing stance. The propaganda and advertisment campaigns of the SVP are often copied by other (but less successful) far-right parties across Europe like the NDP.

Alexander Müller resigned from the SVP after the media reported on his twitter posts.

Alexander Müller has resigned from the SVP


In other tweets he says “then the way for world war 3 is open… then all leftists have to be shot… lol”.

The SVP president of the local section at first defended Alexander Müller, but after pressure due to media reports Alexander said that he would resign from the SVP.

Alexander Müller, famous for his Kristallnacht tweets, once wrote that he has subscribed to the Weltwoche and reads the blog of right-wing fanatic Richard Fluehmann (The now defunct blog Alexander Müller also owns the blog, which seems similar to

One of the controversial tweets from Alexander Müller


Alexander Müller tweets: “…then the way is open to WW3….then all leftists have to be shot… lol”–Kristallnacht–Twitterers-10618780

The media articles mention some similar cases from twitter involving SVP politicians: SVP-Kantonsrat Claudio Zanetti (@zac1967) called Arabs «Kameltreiber» (camel jockeys) on twitter. Valentin Kalt, who twitters as @SvpKaltZH3,, called the chinese «Schlitzaugen» (chinky eyes).

In another recent case, a local section of the SVP has put slogans on their website that say “dirty balkan people”, “pig turks”, “racism yes” or “kick foreigners out”. Andreas Glarner, a SVP politician, said that the people responsible for it were stupid, and the (satirical) pictures with the slogans were taken from leftist-radical antifa websites. The pictures were indeed of a satirical nature and originated from a leftwing site, but by publishing them on a SVP website, it could imply an approval of the slogans themselves. André Mattenberger, the vice president of that local SVP section, said he was not aware of any mistake regarding the publication of the slogans.

One of the images the SVP put on their website.

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2 Responses to SVP politician Alexander Müller tweets about the need of another Kristallnacht

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  2. What you write about Müller is completely wrong. Have you read the Apology of the Swiss Newspaper Tagesanzeiger?

    You will find it under the following Link:

    Unfortunately it is in German and that is maybe the reason why you write the bullshit in your article. It is maybe because you do not understand German.

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