SVP bigotry

A few examples (of many) of SVP bigotry.

Despite their history of aggressive bullying, the SVP like to play the victim:
*it claims that the media is against the SVP, while in fact the big coverage compared to other parties has rather helped it in the elections. The SVP also has taken ownership of large media like the Basler Zeitung (Basel’s biggest daily journal, taken over by Tito Tettamanti. the new editor in chief is rightwing ideologue Markus Somm) and the Weltwoche (which once was among Switzerland’s most reputed weekly papers).

But in reality the SVP very often tries to censor other people:
*After Ventil, a magazine made by unemployed persons, published a satire about nationalists, the SVP complained about abusive use of tax money

*because famous singer Sina once said something critical of the SVP, the organizer of an open-air festival cancelled her concert (the same organizer had a contract for a concert with the punkband Toten Hosen (the Toten Hosen didn’t knew about his rightwing background), which led to a  controversy as the rock fans were not happy about the situation)

*countless times it tried to shut down leftwing institutions or cultural centres like the Reithalle in Bern or the Rote Fabrik in Zurich (also after the latter made an exhibition on fascism)

The SVP wants to close down the biggest Swiss cultural youth centre because of an exhibiton on fascism.

*Thomas Fuchs is threatening radio and tv stations not to play songs which support the Reithalle, alternative cultural center that the SVP wants to prohibit and change into a shopping center.

*it also tries to prohibit the leftist international worker’s day of 1st of March

*the SVP claimed in their party program that the artists Pipilotti Rist, Christoph Büchel und Mike Eschmann received too many subventions from the state. In a satirical reaction, a total of 110 artists complained to the SVP that they were being ignored and asked the SVP too also include them in that list of artists.

There are of course also countless cases of various crimes  by SVP politicians (as also with other parties), some  random examples:

Heinz Müller cantonal president of Solthurn is accused of tax evasion

An anomyous SVP politician of Zurich has illegally obtained large sums from social security while having a relatively luxury life and a political career.

Heinrich Frei, member of the cantonal council and SVP politician, has changed his residence to Winkel to pay less taxes, but he never lived there, it is even an unhabitable house. In his political campaigns he claims he is deeply ingrained in Kloten, where he lives without  paying any taxes. He also has a political campaign film that shows him with the fire brigade, even though the latter said to stop associating them with him.

Roland Jakob was accused of witholding a part of the salary of his employees and taxes. Roland also holds an important position in a commission of the city that checks if firms are fulfilling their duties.

Urs Wollenmann of the SVP of Lucerne falsely claimed that he has an university degree in economics.

Heinz Müller of the cantonal council of Solothurn has been accused of tax fraud and forgery of documents.

Orlando Del Don was accused of insurance fraud:

Three people were accused of tax fraud because they granted the brother of Daniel Bühlmann, SVP Regierungsrat, illegal tax deductions. Daniel Bühlmann also famously said that nobody could yet explain to him why women are allowed in politics or even in the workplace.

Roger Etter  (also a fan of the nazi Waffen SS, see the link) is accused because of trying to murder someone.

This list includes some of the SVP people which have gotten court sentences for a crime. It doesn’t mention the cases where the politician didn’t get a conviction because of parlementary immunization:

Andre Corboz, Rassendiskriminierung (racism)
Roger Etter, Vollendeter Mordversuch und Veruntreuung (2006) (attempted murder)
Hans Rudolf K, SVP-Grossrat. Betrug in Millionenhöhe (Quelle: Aargauer Zeitung 25.08.2005 n. online) (financial fraud)
Walter Hammel, Wahlfälschung (Quelle: Basler Zeitung, 03.11.2005. n. online)  (election fraud)
Armin Meier, Wahlfälschung (2005)  (election fraud)
Peter Good, Illegales Plakatieren (2005)
Gabriela Rauber, Rassendiskriminierung (racism)
SVP Zürich, Verstoss gegen die Signalisationsverordnung
Peter Good, Illegale Methoden im Sozialamt
Generalsekretär Junge SVP Schweiz, Urkundenfälschung und Betrugsversuch (2005) (fraud)
Kassier der Jungen SVP Kt. Zürich, Diebstahl des Parteivermögens (2005) (theft)
Ernst Indlekofer, Mehrfache Rassendiskriminierung und Leugnung des Holocaust  (holocaust denial)
Thomas Fuchs, Falschparkieren auf dem Trottoir vor dem Rathaus
Hermann Weyneth, üble Nachrede (2002, Quelle)
Hans-Ruedi Koller, Veruntreuung von 100′000 Franken. (*)
Martin Baumann, Untergetaucht mit 100′000 Fr. Schulden (*)
Kassierer SVP Amt-Bern, Diebstahl von 100′000 Fr. (*)
Romain Barras, Verleumdung, falsche Anschuldigung und unlauteren Wettbewerb. (*)
Oswald von Arx, Urkundenfälschung, Drohung, arglistige Vermögensschädigung (*)
Phillippe P. Mägerle, Verunglimpfung der Partei der Arbeit (*)
Marcel Boder, Mehrfacher Führerausweisentzug wegen Blaufahren (*)
Roland Haas, Veruntreuung (*)
Oswald von Arx, mit 1,2 Promille in Polizeikontrolle (*)
Daniel Holzreuter, telefonische sexuelle Belästigung (*) (sexual harassment)
Adrian Kurt, Körperverletzung (*)


As rainbownet says, SVP members include people who were accused for serious criminal offences (financial, violent and sexual). At the same time and for even minor crimes the SVP wants to deport foreigners (and not only the criminal, but also his parents and other relatives).

Jürg Stauffer (JSVP): fraud, forgery of documents

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