Politician and convicted killer offers women for slaugther

Hans, a politican of the rightwing BDP, in his pre-political life killed and molested a woman. After founding a small, local section of the BDP with his friend, a police officer, the police officer was going to get divorced. Hans published an ad seeking a butcher that will slaugther the wife and daughter of his police officer friend (who wasn’t aware of the ad). Hans received replies from interested men, at least one of them went to the police officer’s wife house looking for them and telling the wife that he came to pick her up.

(BDP is a rightwing party that split off from the SVP after internal disputes within the SVP party, and is less extreme than the SVP.)


Another rightwing politician, a cantonal policitician of the SD has sexually abused his daughter and shot at her and her boyfriend. He was imprisoned for 14 years.


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