Swiss historians warn of anti-semitic nazi-vocabulary and propaganda of the SVP

The SVP of Zug has demanded asylum-seeker free zones in the city and the establishement of detention camps in industrial zones.

Historians have criticzed the  nazi-vocabulary of the SVP which bears resemblance to terms like judenfrei.

Historian Lang also remembers that in the 1990s, during the nazi gold scandal, the SVP placed a whole page advertisment saying that the SVP fights against socialist and golden internationalism. «Goldene Internationale» is a nazi term for Jews.

Another historian has protested against the fascist and racist propaganda posters that the SVP has placed in all Swiss cities in prominent places. (No other Swiss party spends as much money for propaganda.)

He placed small posters that he printed on his printer near SVP posters that criticized the hatemongering and fearmongering of the SVP, and their use of scapegoats.

He has to defend himself in court after the SVP sued him.

Claudio Zanetti, a leading SVP politician, is complaining that the media even reported on this “leftist sandal bearer” and in that way gave more publicity to his views. He does not want to discuss the style of SVP posters.

The history teacher said that the SVP poster that displays hands from dark-skinned people reminds him of nazi posters from the 1930s. In those posters the hands belonged to Jews.

The SVP spends millions in placing racist propaganda posters (reminding one of the 1930s) in all Swiss cities.

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