Pro Koln sells nazi merchandise

Pro Koln, like some other fascist parties, have a preliminary policy of pretending to be pro-Israel and philo-semitic. With this tactic, they try to avoid what they call the “Nazikeule” of the “Gutmenschen”, the accusation of being nazis. At the same time, they hope to get more members and support from people who otherwise wouldn’t support extremists.

Everybody knows that this is only a temporary policy.

A little bit of googling shows: “Pro Koln” organizer Manfred Rouhs is the owner of sells nazi merchandise, including CDs and books about Nazis and anti-semites. Some leading members were previously in the NPD or DVU.

This is also called The Fascist Strategy of Entryism

It involves masking their fascist agenda with harmless sounding words like freedom, security, identity, democracy.

The reasons are to give them cover and deflect accusations of fascism.

Pro Koln leaders Markus Beisicht and Regina Wilden have also published articles on the rightwing antisemitic website, many of them propaganda articles against leftist, gays and dissidents. claims to be the “largest European catholic website”.

Manfred Rouhs of Pro Koln/Pro Germany and neonazi Axel Reitz (the Hitler of Cologne) are in the image below:

Manfred Rouhs (Pro Koln) with the megaphone and Axel Reitz (Hitler of Cologne) 2nd from the right.


PRO parties also include ex-members of the NPD or DVU or people with connections to them. Other PRO parties include PRO-NRW. Andreas Molau is an ex-NPD and ex-DVU politician and later became a leader of the Pro-NRW. (He has now left the party (or the party fired him – it is not clear) and currently he claims he is trying to leave the right-wing scene, like also Axel Reitz).

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