Ernst Indlekofer and other Swiss anti-semites

Leading SVP politician Lukas Reimann thanked in 2000 holocaust denier Ernst Indlekofer  for his donation and his help seeking new subscribers.

Ernst Indlekofer (longtime activist SVP member)’s journal “Recht+Freiheit” is promoting holocaust denial.

The  skinhead group, Nationale Initiative Schweiz (NIS), introduced their publication Morgenstern on the occasion of the JSVP (Young SVP) convention.

SVP politician Ernst Gassmann attracted public attention by using insulting language toward Jews during the Shrovetide (period of Christian penitence before Easter).

SVP leader Christoph Blocher came out against the creation of a Holocaust fund as well as against the planned Foundation for Solidarity, using his website as well as right-wing publications such as the monthly Schweizerzeit to express his views.

SVP member Emil Rahm (owner of the Rimuss company) also distributes holocaust denial literature from Johannes Rothkranz  and others.

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