Vlaams Belang: enemies of Jews and Israel

Vlaams Belang, like some other neofascist parties, have a preliminary policy of pretending to be pro-Israel and philo-semitic. With this tactic, they believe they can act as nazis and still avoid what they call the “Nazikeule” of the “Gutmenschen”, the accusation of being nazis. At the same time, they hope to get more members and support from people who otherwise wouldn’t support nazis.

Everybody knows that this is only a temporary policy. A farce.

A group of Holocaust deniers or minimizers. LePen, Holocaust denier Bruno Gallnisch, DeWinter and Vanhecke at Karel Dillen’s funeral. Karel Dillen described himself as a “passive” collaborator of the nazi regime. He translated the anti-semitic “Nuremberg ou la terre promise”, a holocaust denial book.

DeWinter and Vanhecke of Vlaams Belang meet with jew-hater Pat Buchanan.

The above image shows Vlaams Belang leaders with the jew-hater Pat Buchanan, a rightwinger that is admired by anti-semites like David Duke and Kevin Macdonald.

Frank Vanhecke claims to be a best friend of Jews and Israel. A little bit of googling shows that Vlaams Belang is not a friend, as in this link:


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