FPÖ party is anti-semitic and fascist

FPÖ is another neofascist party like Vlaams Belang. Some SPV members have connections to them. FPÖ members have collaborated with Bruno Gallnisch, a Holocaust denier of Front National, Nick Griffin of the racist BNP party, and Arthur Kemp, a white supremacist among many other anti-semites and fascists:


Its leader was Haider. On several occasions Haider made remarks about Austrian World War II veterans that were represented as broad endorsement of the war and of the Nazi SS. Speaking to a gathering of veterans from several countries in 1990, he said that the veterans were “decent people of good character” and “remain true to their convictions.” Haider stated that he did not specifically address Waffen-SS veterans with his remarks.[14] On another occasion, he said, “the Waffen-SS was part of the Wehrmacht (German military) and because of that it deserves every honor and recognition.”[44] In 2000, at gathering of Wehrmacht veterans in Ulrichsberg, including Waffen-SS veterans, he said, “Those who come to Ulrichsberg are not the old Nazis. They are not neo-Nazis, they are not criminals.”[45]

Haider also compared the deportation of Jews by the Nazis to the expulsion of Sudeten Germans from Czechoslovakia after World War II.[46] Haider’s detractors also pointed to a punning reference to the leader of the Jewish community of Vienna, Ariel Muzicant; Haider indicated that he did not understand how someone named Ariel (also the name of a popular laundry detergent) could have gathered so much filth, implying the real estate agent’s business methods were crooked.[47] Haider’s critics characterized the remark as antisemitic.[47] Haider also maintained that Muzicant faked antisemitic hate letters to himself.


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