Some fascist incidents in Switzerland

Autonomes Medienkollektiv Freiburg has an article on fascist incidents in Switzerland.

Some highlights from the article:

A study of the gfs-Forschungsinstituts says that 10 percent of youth had problems with nazis in Switzerland, a third of Swiss people have anti-semitic prejudices and 10 percent of Swiss people are clearly anti-semitic.

4. August 2007. A festival at the leftist cultural center Reithalle is attacked with a fire bomb.

April 2001, attack on another youth center, the Autonome Jugendzentrum

8. Juli 2005 3 Nazis attack leftist youths with weapons in Thun.

21. August 1999. Nazis fire shots at a squat. Luckily nobody was hurt.

10. Juli 2000 Nazis again fire shots at a squat in Bern, 110 shots are fired.

9. August 1998 30 Nazis attacked another squat in Bern, shouting Sieg Heil and Scheiss Juden.

2.-5. August 2007, fire bomb attack on a leftist festival in Bern, at the Reitschule

In the comments section is also a section about anti-semitic incidents in German cities (Communiqué und Videoclip vom 18.08.2007).

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