Junge Freiheit and anti-semitism

Junge Freiheit is a magazine that is recommended and praised by the right wing in Germany. Pipi news has recommended them repeatedly and the neonazi Axel Möller was recently refused to read Junge Freiheit in prison.

The chief editor of Junge Freiheit Dieter Stein has also published in the holocaust denier magazine Nation & Europa.

JF publishes revisionist articles that for example argue that not the Germans but other nations (Poland, Churchill or Russia) were responsible for the second world war. It has also publishe holocaust denial and holocaust minimizing articles and sympathizes with Holocaust deniers who “are victims of the law” and other articles whitewash nazi crimes and complains about state-prescribed collective guilt that makes it impossible to sorrow for the German victims of World War II.

The jew hater and revisionist David Irving was also praised in the magazine.

Regina Wamper: Das Kreuz mit der Nation. Christlicher Antisemitismus in der Jungen Freiheit. Unrast Verlag, Münster 2008, ISBN 978-3-89771-747-3.


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