Rightwing blogs and their lies

Some rightwing blogs claim also to be part of the “anti-jihad” movement against Islamism in the West. They follow the strategy of entryism: They claim to be pro-Israel and pro-democracy and to uphold, to a varying extent, the modern, liberal values of the West.

In reality, this is the kind of articles that these outlets publish:

-articles attacking not Islamism, but normal Muslims, for example an article showing a photograph from Germany of a house with windows full of Turkish flags (this was during a soccer championship season, where you’d expect to see national flags everywhere – Italian and Spanish flags usually being the most popular ones).

-articles about asylum seekers that they claim cost the society a fortune (they do this to distract the people away from things that really cost the society a fortune, like financial and tax fraud and bank bailouts and the military and the destruction of the environment).

-They also only report on foreigners who commit crimes, if the same or worse crimes are committed by nationalists or Christians, it is ignored.

-ridiculous articles against the “evil” leftists and the “evil” leftist culture, against gays, feminists, blacks, foreigners, regular people from Muslim countries, and so on.

-95 percent (for most blogs, not an exaggeration) of the articles are so full of lies that even one minute of googling will show that the opposite is true. I believe that a lot of these bloggers know that they are posting bulls*t, but they don’t care.

-Another thing I observed in some cases, if the newspapers publish newer or more accurate information on any event, these blogs just ignore it and won’t ever post a correction.

-much, much more could be added….

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