One third of SVP voters admit being anti-semites

An interesting article by H. Stutz on SVP and anti-semitism reports:

A study by GfS-Forschungsinstitutes shows that a third of SVP-voters admit that they are anti-semitic.

The district court of Zurich stated that Blocher, the chief of the SVP, has used antisemitic cliches in his speeches, also during the nazi gold affair.
Ueli Maurer, party president, said that the Jew J-stamp was introduced to safeguard the Jews.

Rolf Rüegg, president of the Youth SVP, said that Jews are parasites and complained about members of “a certain religion” who misuse the power of the police for their protection.

In full-page ads for the anniversary of the SVP, the SVP wrote about its fight against socialist and golden internationalism. “Goldener Internationalismus” is a nazi term for Jews.

Ernst Gassmann from the SVP Bäretswil was responsible for antisemitic speeches at the Fasnacht festival. He was fined for this from the district court of Hinwil.

Other famous SVP anti-semites include Rimuss owner Emil Rahm.

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