SVP again spends millions for more xenophobia (“Durchsetzungsinitiative”)

Right at the time of the Swiss national day, the SVP again spends millions for more xenophobia and racism by sending to each household advertisement for their newest initiative (“Durchsetzungsinitiative”). They want a second vote on the Ausschaffungsinitiative (the racist SVP sheep poster was later also used for this initiative).

It’s aim is to deport foreigners and their relatives (parents, children,….) if one of them commits a crime (Sippenhaft). These crimes include: defamation, false accusations, smoking weed, shoplifting, insurance fraud, threats to officials (the risk is also that foreigners may be wrongly accused for such crimes. It is easy for someone to plant some weed in somebody’s home or belongings and then report it to the police.)

The SVP invested millions to have propaganda (reminding one of the 1930s) shown in all cities.

The center-right mainstream media in Switzerland doesn’t report that the main aim is to increase irrational xenophobia and racism in Switzerland, which also helps to get more SVP voters, and to distract from other, larger problems (such as white collar crime, the financial crisis). SVP has previously made racist/xenophobic, 30’s style propaganda posters shown in all Swiss cities, games, and leaflets distributed to all Swiss households.

But the media reports at least that this procedure of the SVP is very anti-Swiss and shows a mistrust of the Swiss democratic system.
For some reason, the SVP thinks that other initiatives, like the  Minder initiative, can wait for some more years. This initiative seeks to limit the extremes of the exuberant bonuses and salaries at banks.

The initiative was very popular among neo-nazi parties across Europe.


Of course, many SVP politicans and their relatives would have to be deported as well if the same rules applied to them.

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