Studiversum’s interview with Weltwoche’s Köppel: example of lazy journalism

There was a time when student magazines were known for critical articles and uncomfortable questions (yes, even in Switzerland).

The interview with the nationalist Köppel (editor of Weltwoche) by Dominic Illi in the “Studiversum” magazine is however just an example of lazy journalism.
It  does not ask particularly critical questions but rather some “easy” questions allowing Köppel to present himself on four pages as a “rebellious” and “critical” person.

The Weltwoche is a nationalist magazine which was criticized as today’s version of Julius Streicher’s “Der Stürmer” (which sounds like an exaggeration but often enough is not) and is probably most similar  to the German “Junge Freiheit” (the magazine that neonazi Axel Möller is not allowed to read in prison).

There is nothing “rebellious” or “critical” in their articles, it’s just the usual rightwing mix of anti-foreigner, anti-leftist, anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-environmental and “anti-poor people” articles. Really every issue has ridiculous examples of bias and lies.

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