Lukas Reimann and Pirmin Schwander (SVP) join anti-semites in fight against Bilderberg

As the rightwing Alex Jones conspiracy site Prisonplanet reports, SVP politican Lukas Reimann appeared on the Alex Jones show.

He said on the show that the SVP opposes the IMF, World Bank and Bilderberg group.

Lukas Reimann, Baetig and Pirmin Schwander, all prominent SVP politicians, fight against the Bildergroup group. Reimann said on the show that he plans to fight the Bilderberg group together with the anti-semitic SVP politician Baetig.

Reimann also defended far right Lega Nord politician Mario Borghezio for trying to fight the Bildergroup group. Mario is known for violently attacking migrants and for praising the actions of Breivik.

Jonathan Kreutner has criticized the anti-Bildergroup of SVP politicians and other rightwingers for their anti-semitism. The anti-semitic blog “Alles Schall und Rauch”, which believes in 9/11 conspiracies, is part of the organization committee.

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