SVP plans McCarthy campaign against universities

Because the University fired the incompetent Christoph Mörgeli, the SVP plans McCarthy campaign against universities.

In fact, Mörgeli was not fired sooner precisely because he was a leading SVP politician, otherwise he would have been fired much sooner.

Now Blocher says that they (the SVP) want more influence at the universities. Blocher, channeling anti-semitic conspiracy theorists like Kevin MacDonald or David Duke, who claim the same for American universities, claims that the universities are “unterwandert” by leftists. Blocher says that this development started much earlier, and that the SVP will now focus much more strongly on the universities.

But in fact there are already many SVP politicians at the University. There is for example the  professor of Banking Hans Geiger, who is better known for his constant presence in the Swiss media (giving interviews every second week), than for any kind of serious academic research. There is also Martin Janssen, the successor of Hans Geiger. And there is Hans-Ueli Vogt who is professor for business law at the University of Zurich.

And besides, the SVP is otherwise always proud of its anti-intellectual image.
Mörgeli himself further said that the medicinal history of Switzerland would not be praised enough by the “leftist university”. This is of course wrong, but shows that what Mörgeli wants is anything but objective history. Mörgeli said is a fight of diametrically opposed historiographies.

The right-wing magazine Weltwoche published an article where it named and criticized professors who allegedly have a wrong (because leftist) conscience.

But of course Mörgeli plays the victim card, when in fact usually he is a perpetrator.


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