The nazi past of Pro Koln

Pro Koln is one the many rightwing parties that use the strategy of Entryism by claiming support for Israel and thereby softening their image. Everyone knows of course that they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Politblogger summarizes the nazi past of these “democratic” and “freedom loving” Pro Koln leaders:

To the point: Let’s look at two of the supposedly impeccable democratic patriots even more closely. For example, Manfred Rouhs: The now 47-year-old Rouhs was 16 years old when in 1981 the NPD Nachwuchsorganisatisation Young National Democrats (JN) joined four years later he became its chairman. For the 1987 Bundestag elections Rouhs was nominated by the NPD as a candidate for Krefeld. End of January 1987, the party split, but from him. In order to assess how the Nazi NPD was already during the membership Rouhs’, so we have to deal with the period between 1981 and 1987. The NPD leader then called Martin Mufignug. Mufignug 1956 was one of the founders of the Federal National Students (BNS) after the Socialist Reich Party (SRP) – which had openly confessed to Nazism – was banned four years ago. The BNS, the 7th with the Nazi regime during the SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen, and the Hitler Youth (HJ) and from the Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA) used Odalrune adorned, represented a elitist populist-nationalist view of society and saw itself as a forerunner of a national major party whose main goal reviving the Deutsche should be empire. The central topic of the presentation of the BNS was the question of German war guilt, which was approved by BNS geleuget vehemently. After members of the Berlin BNS-1960 National Association had participated in a summer solstice party with swastikas, first ban demands were loud. The nationwide ban on the BNS followed a year later. Former BNS Funtionäre – including Mufignug – played a key role in the founding of the NPD in 1964.

Rouhs and Mufignug met at the German League for People and Homeland (DLVH) later by the way. The 1993 attracted attention especially by the fact that members of the party were exposed to a risk of deportation Roma woman a bounty of € 5000 mark. But that’s not all there is to say about Rouhs: 1984 in the journal The peasantry of Auschwitz denier Thies Christophersen was released a letter to the editor was drawn with Manfred Rouhs, Krefeld. In the 3rd Reich had, it was said there, not 6 million Jews were gassed or otherwise murdered, and also the 2nd World War we Germans were not at fault.

Equally bad is the history of Rouhs’ Pro-NRW party colleague Andre Hüsgen. Hüsgen came out in 2009 from the NPD in 2000 and was involved in the Nazi attack on the memorial in the former KZ Kemna in Wuppertal – for which he was convicted four years later for attempted obstruction of justice.


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