Dominik Feusi of the rightwing “Basler Zeitung” and anti-semitism

Recently an article in the right wing Basler Zeitung accuses a leftist politician and leftists in general of antisemitism.

Jo Lang wrote an excellent reply, reminding us that Dominik Feusi is part of various organs of the Blocher network, among them the magazine “Die Freiheitsfreunde” which is connected to pro-nazi publications of the 1930s and which history was never accounted seriously for the past. The same holds for the “katholischen Studierendenverein”, to which Feusi also belongs. As a historian, Feusi never wrote about catholic anti-semitism. Christoph Blocher himself and the Zurich SVP used the anti-semitic phrase “Goldene Internationale” in their propaganda speeches.

Another article on Swiss anti-semitism:


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