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SVP politician Heinz Müller convicted of tax fraud and forgery

Ex-president of the Solothurn section of the SVP Heinz Müller was convicted of tax fraud. He was a politician for over ten years. Advertisements

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Hipocritical & sly right-wing pro-Israel rhetoric

An article on Tageswoche says that Dominik Feusi, a right-wing journalist, writes polemically that the greens were anti-semitic. But Feusi himself writes for right-wing publications that have connections to the nazi-era, including the magazine “die Freiheitsfreunde”, and he belongs to … Continue reading

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Freysinger employs genocide-denier Slobodan Despot

Freysinger, the guy who sports a German war flag in his house, and is now the minister of education in the canton of Valais, has employed  Slobodan Despot, a controversial writer who denies that the Srebrenica massacre on 8000 people … Continue reading

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Commentary on pro-Apartheid past of SVP

From a readers comment on the pro-Apartheid views of Blocher and Schlüer: Sowohl der SVP-Ideologie als auch jener eines Berlusconi, eines Vlaams Belang oder des Front National geht es im Kern um jenes Recht auf Willkür, welches seinerzeit beispielsweise in … Continue reading

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