President of the youth SVP is a truther

Anian Liebrand, the new president of the youth SVP, is a truther and believer in all kind of abstruse and anti-semitic conspiracy theories, the Tages Anzeiger reports.

President of youth SVP Anian Liebrand

President of youth SVP Anian Liebrand

Anian Liebrand

Anian Liebrand


And 20min reports:

The umbrella organization of Swiss Jews has an open letter to the new president of the Young SVP , Anian Liebrand , turning . Secretary General Dr. Jonathan Kreutner is irritated about the choice of Liebrand : ” As early as 2009 have you worried for negative headlines. At the time you wrote on Holocaust Remembrance Day that it was a white guilt day with which the Swiss would be re-educated . ”

Even with the blogger Manfred Petrich was Liebrand friend : ” Mr. Petrich posits a Zionist conspiracy , antisemitic reader comments always switches back and issue of Israel and Jews as the epitome of evil is ,” says Kreutner . This prevents Liebrand not taking part with Petrich in conspiracy meetings across Europe.

” When the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG ), we are convinced that the office of President of the party JSVP unable to connect to the anti-Semitic atmosphere with shady connections ,” writes Kreutner .–17889177

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