SVP politician forced women into prostitution

SVP politician forced women into prostitution

The former Schaffhauser SVP politician (the media does not publish his name) has operated between August 2011 and January 2012, a prostitution service bar in Stein am Rhein. Here, the 49 -year-old recipient of social security benefits  made ​​himself guilty in two cases of human trafficking and other offenses. The judge sentenced him to two years conditional imprisonment.

Brisant : While he rumbled as SVP hardliner in the Citizens’ Council against naturalization of foreigners , he forced according to the court decision in his cabaret dancers from the Dominican Republic to have sex with customers.

Defender Dieter Schilling has already announced that his client will move on the verdict. “We continue to call for an acquittal . Operating a cabarets in Switzerland is legal and my client has not oblige directly with the complicity of one of the dancers into prostitution let alone – in the absence of an economic advantage from prostitution – operated trafficking , “says the lawyer.

According to ” Schaffhauser Nachrichten » M. to have together prompted with his also accused business partner women from the Dominican Republic to get naked to join the guests to consume them as many drinks and offer them for money sexual services. Both defendants argued the main allegations from court.

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