Swiss rightwing politician accused of rape

Blick reports that swiss rightwing politician Jürg Gehrig is accused of rape. Several women have reported that he forced them to have sex with him .

Jürg Gehrig

Jürg Gehrig

Blick reported: Gehrig harassed his assistant , according to Attorney General in April and May 2011 repeatedly sexually . “I have always said that he should leave such approaches ,” says the married woman in court. Then she was invited to Gehrig’s boat on the Lake of Zurich , Canton Schwyz on area . You should get naked ” except for the Hösli ,” he had said , according to the indictment . He had harassed her, rubbed to ejaculation on her. According Gehrig everything was amicably.

Jürg Gehrig, SVP

Jürg Gehrig, SVP

Word against hers . Even with what took place on 24 May has played Ticino holiday home in Gehrig 2011. Boss and assistant were in the garden chairs, in bathing dresses. For him it was personal, business for them. ” Suddenly, he lay down on me . I could not push off him. It was very short , “says the ex – assistant. Gehrig denies a rape : “We have cuddled , then had sex . It was a love affair . ”

The woman from the dating service institution for him was not the ” woman of my life.” This had met already in July 2010 Gehrig . At the second meeting , on the boat, he had kissed her , pulled up her skirt , raped her , the woman said during the interrogation . ” It is to me as a very active sexual partner in mind ,” says Gehrig . ” We met three more times after that . The display was like a thunderbolt ! ”

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