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SVP politician Christian Gerig was porn producer

Another surprise from the party of Jürg Gehrig (accused of rape), Jean Charles Legrix (accused of sexual harassment) and Renee Kuhn (anti-feminist activist). SVP politician Gerig was a porn producer. Who would have thought. 20min reports: First and foremost, he … Continue reading

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NPD copies racist SVP posters, German court prohibits them

The racist, anti-slavic posters say “Stop the invasion of Poles”, and were copied from SVP propaganda posters (which is not mentioned in the news article from Die Welt). Unlike in Switzerland, the racist posters were prohibited in Germany.

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Mörgeli’s PhD title to be reviewed

Mörgeli’s PhD title is set to be reviewed, a formal procedure at academic institutions (even though Mörgeli claims it is just bullying by the university). If the review is objective, Mörgeli stands no chance, as he has no publications in … Continue reading

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Hidden SVP forum urges SVP fans to drive Poles out of Switzerland

A reader comment on a 20min article on the rightwing SVP party says about a hidden forum for SVP fans: normal Well there is worse. Although is was long time ago but a friend showed me once a hidden forum … Continue reading

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