Blocher praises anti-semitic conservative “hero”

Swiss media reported that Blocher praised Anton von Segesser, an anti-semitic fundamentalist, without mentioning his anti-semitism.

On 2 January, the Federal Council voted out SVP and current National Councillor Christoph Blocher has acknowledged in the new Lucerne Exhibition building in front of over a thousand guests in addition to Nicholas of Flue , and the landscape painter Robert ignition and the Catholic conservative National Lucerne Philipp Anton von Segesser ( 1817-1888 ) . This descendant of a Lucerne patrician sex was ” a full-fledged anti-Semite ” was what Blocher have left entirely unmentioned , writes the Jewish magazine ” Tachles ” in its latest issue .
According to ” Tachles » Blocher praised von Segesser both as ” bold nay-sayers ” and as a ” Democrat, Federalist , a Catholic .” That has however been involved in the 1860s with anti-Semitic polemic against the equality of Swiss Jews , especially against their Full range of establishment and freedom of religion, Blocher had never mentioned .

Even after the Swiss Jews got political rights, Segesser published against both “Judaism ” as well as ” Mohammedanism ” ,  wrote the Lucerne historian Heidi Bossard Borner a few years ago.,0,0,0,d&ki=250404

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