Mörgeli’s PhD title to be reviewed

Mörgeli’s PhD title is set to be reviewed, a formal procedure at academic institutions (even though Mörgeli claims it is just bullying by the university).

If the review is objective, Mörgeli stands no chance, as he has no publications in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. Though maybe the reviewers will blind a eye his poor publication record in order to avoid accusations of political bias.

Christoph Mörgeli

Christoph Mörgeli






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Hidden SVP forum urges SVP fans to drive Poles out of Switzerland

A reader comment on a 20min article on the rightwing SVP party says about a hidden forum for SVP fans:

Well there is worse. Although is was long time ago but a friend showed me once a hidden forum for SVP Fans (No SVP / JSVP politicians) in the Valais. Then there was even a photo gallery with people (most staff at supermarket checkouts, nurses etc with name tags) that look like Swiss, speak and behave well, but come from Eastern Europe. The aim was to locate unremarkable foreigners and drive them out from Switzerland. Now what became of it, I cannot say.


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Swiss rightwing politician accused of rape

Blick reports that swiss rightwing politician Jürg Gehrig is accused of rape. Several women have reported that he forced them to have sex with him .

Jürg Gehrig

Jürg Gehrig

Blick reported: Gehrig harassed his assistant , according to Attorney General in April and May 2011 repeatedly sexually . “I have always said that he should leave such approaches ,” says the married woman in court. Then she was invited to Gehrig’s boat on the Lake of Zurich , Canton Schwyz on area . You should get naked ” except for the Hösli ,” he had said , according to the indictment . He had harassed her, rubbed to ejaculation on her. According Gehrig everything was amicably.

Jürg Gehrig, SVP

Jürg Gehrig, SVP

Word against hers . Even with what took place on 24 May has played Ticino holiday home in Gehrig 2011. Boss and assistant were in the garden chairs, in bathing dresses. For him it was personal, business for them. ” Suddenly, he lay down on me . I could not push off him. It was very short , “says the ex – assistant. Gehrig denies a rape : “We have cuddled , then had sex . It was a love affair . ”

The woman from the dating service institution for him was not the ” woman of my life.” This had met already in July 2010 Gehrig . At the second meeting , on the boat, he had kissed her , pulled up her skirt , raped her , the woman said during the interrogation . ” It is to me as a very active sexual partner in mind ,” says Gehrig . ” We met three more times after that . The display was like a thunderbolt ! ”


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SVP politician forced women into prostitution

SVP politician forced women into prostitution

The former Schaffhauser SVP politician (the media does not publish his name) has operated between August 2011 and January 2012, a prostitution service bar in Stein am Rhein. Here, the 49 -year-old recipient of social security benefits  made ​​himself guilty in two cases of human trafficking and other offenses. The judge sentenced him to two years conditional imprisonment.

Brisant : While he rumbled as SVP hardliner in the Citizens’ Council against naturalization of foreigners , he forced according to the court decision in his cabaret dancers from the Dominican Republic to have sex with customers.

Defender Dieter Schilling has already announced that his client will move on the verdict. “We continue to call for an acquittal . Operating a cabarets in Switzerland is legal and my client has not oblige directly with the complicity of one of the dancers into prostitution let alone – in the absence of an economic advantage from prostitution – operated trafficking , “says the lawyer.

According to ” Schaffhauser Nachrichten » M. to have together prompted with his also accused business partner women from the Dominican Republic to get naked to join the guests to consume them as many drinks and offer them for money sexual services. Both defendants argued the main allegations from court.

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Prominent SVP politician Hans Fehr illegally employs asylum seekers without paying social security benefits

Prominent SVP politician Hans Fehr illegally employs asylum seekers without paying social security benefits.

TagesAnzeiger reports that Fehr is one of the most prominent hardliners in the SVP anti-foreigner stance.

Hans Fehr, prominent SVP politician

Hans Fehr, prominent SVP politician


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SVP “Familieninitiative” aims to put working mothers at disadvantage

SVP “Familieniniatiative” aims to put working mothers at disadvantage. The only one who would benefit from the SVP initiative would be rich families. Middle class families could less likely afford to put their children into daycare if the SVP initiative would be accepted.


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President of the youth SVP is a truther

Anian Liebrand, the new president of the youth SVP, is a truther and believer in all kind of abstruse and anti-semitic conspiracy theories, the Tages Anzeiger reports.

President of youth SVP Anian Liebrand

President of youth SVP Anian Liebrand

Anian Liebrand

Anian Liebrand


And 20min reports:

The umbrella organization of Swiss Jews has an open letter to the new president of the Young SVP , Anian Liebrand , turning . Secretary General Dr. Jonathan Kreutner is irritated about the choice of Liebrand : ” As early as 2009 have you worried for negative headlines. At the time you wrote on Holocaust Remembrance Day that it was a white guilt day with which the Swiss would be re-educated . ”

Even with the blogger Manfred Petrich was Liebrand friend : ” Mr. Petrich posits a Zionist conspiracy , antisemitic reader comments always switches back and issue of Israel and Jews as the epitome of evil is ,” says Kreutner . This prevents Liebrand not taking part with Petrich in conspiracy meetings across Europe.

” When the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG ), we are convinced that the office of President of the party JSVP unable to connect to the anti-Semitic atmosphere with shady connections ,” writes Kreutner .




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