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Blocher praises anti-semitic conservative “hero”

Swiss media reported that Blocher praised Anton von Segesser, an anti-semitic fundamentalist, without mentioning his anti-semitism. On 2 January, the Federal Council voted out SVP and current National Councillor Christoph Blocher has acknowledged in the new Lucerne Exhibition building in … Continue reading

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René Kuhn (Ex-SVP) invites anti-semitic speaker, makes anti-semitc remarks

Kuhn was criticized by a Jewish organization because he invited the antisemitic speaker Karlheinz Klement (who once said the Jews need a second lesson/another Holocaust). Kuhn replied to the Jewish organization: “If you knew how many people are coming to … Continue reading

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Bernhard Schaub, Oliver Hasler distribute 60000 anti-semitic flyers in Swiss cities

We have already previously reported that Europäische Aktion, a right-wing organization, regularly distributes anti-semitic flyers in Swiss cities. Schaub, Hasler and the other members plan to continue these activities every 3 months. http://www.hans-stutz.ch/rechtsextremismus/2012/EA_LandesleiterLiechtenstein.html

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Kewil of PipiNews publishes anti-semitic screed

Kewil, one of three bloggers on Pipinews,  originally on 21 January 2011 published anti-semitic screed at his defunct blog “Facts and Fictions”, because Merkel received an award from a Jewish organization. Antisemitic comments from kewil’s original blog post: Berliner Kindl … Continue reading

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Lukas Reimann and Pirmin Schwander (SVP) join anti-semites in fight against Bilderberg

As the rightwing Alex Jones conspiracy site Prisonplanet reports, SVP politican Lukas Reimann appeared on the Alex Jones show. He said on the show that the SVP opposes the IMF, World Bank and Bilderberg group. Lukas Reimann, Baetig and Pirmin … Continue reading

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Blocher’s speech peddles anti-semitism

The press council has criticized that the journalist (Max Frenkel) who wrote on Blocher’s speech titled “Switzerland and the Second World War” also at Blocher’s request examined his speech in advance for anti-semitic utterance and expressions. (Blocher apparently wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Strache, president of the Austrian FPÖ, uses antisemitic images

Strache (and the FPÖ) is infamous for anti-semitic remarks. After leftist protests against the right-extreme Burschenschaftsball, Strache said the protest was like the Reichskristallnacht, and that “we right-wingers” are the new Jews.   Last week-end Strache posted a photo online … Continue reading

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