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Rightwing blogs and their lies

Some rightwing blogs claim also to be part of the “anti-jihad” movement against Islamism in the West. They follow the strategy of entryism: They claim to be pro-Israel and pro-democracy and to uphold, to a varying extent, the modern, liberal … Continue reading

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Pipi news drops the mask… again

The politically correct (for all rightwing crazies) Pipi News is the favorite haven for online crypto national-socialists in Germany Unlike their competitors like Axel Möller’s site (whos is now serving time in prison for his hate site), and Deutschland Echo … Continue reading

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Pro Koln sells nazi merchandise

Pro Koln, like some other fascist parties, have a preliminary policy of pretending to be pro-Israel and philo-semitic. With this tactic, they try to avoid what they call the “Nazikeule” of the “Gutmenschen”, the accusation of being nazis. At the … Continue reading

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