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Greece: far right leader Kasidiaris denies holocaust, threatens immigrants with violence

Kasidiaris, leader of a far right party that uses swastikalike symbols, said in an interview that the Holocaust is a lie. He also says he hates “international banksters” and the EU and Germany which “is their leader”. “A week after … Continue reading

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Some fascist incidents in Switzerland

Autonomes Medienkollektiv Freiburg has an article on fascist incidents in Switzerland. Some highlights from the article: A study of the gfs-Forschungsinstituts says that 10 percent of youth had problems with nazis in Switzerland, a third of Swiss people have anti-semitic … Continue reading

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Pro Koln sells nazi merchandise

Pro Koln, like some other fascist parties, have a preliminary policy of pretending to be pro-Israel and philo-semitic. With this tactic, they try to avoid what they call the “Nazikeule” of the “Gutmenschen”, the accusation of being nazis. At the … Continue reading

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Exhibition on fascism angers SVP

An exhibition on fascism in the Rote Fabrik, the largest Swiss cultural youth center, was another reason for the SVP to demand again the closing down of this cultural center. http://web.archive.org/web/20101109133946/http://blog.rainbownet.ch/politik-schweiz/svp/wie-fascho-sind-svp-sd-und-edu

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