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More about Pipi News

We have written recently  on the Pipi News blog. Its owner is unemployed teacher Stefan Herre, and current writers on the blog are Michael Stürzenberger and Kewil. The blog claims to be an “anti-jihad” blog, but many articles are just … Continue reading

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Rightwing blogs and their lies

Some rightwing blogs claim also to be part of the “anti-jihad” movement against Islamism in the West. They follow the strategy of entryism: They claim to be pro-Israel and pro-democracy and to uphold, to a varying extent, the modern, liberal … Continue reading

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Municipal president resigns after being “too foreigner-friendly” on Swiss national TV

The president of the Spreitenbach community had to resign after praising the peacful living together of Swiss people and foreigners. After making such harmless and positive comments on Swiss national TV, he received anonmyous threats over telephone. They were angry … Continue reading

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