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The nazi past of Pro Koln

Pro Koln is one the many rightwing parties that use the strategy of Entryism by claiming support for Israel and thereby softening their image. Everyone knows of course that they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. Politblogger summarizes the nazi … Continue reading

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SVP forges hundreds of signatures

The SVP has hired for one of their new xenophobic initiatives a company belonging to Oliver Bleitzhofer and Bernhard Hess of the far right party Schweizer Demokraten. This company was paid for every signature of Swiss voters they could provide. … Continue reading

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Catholic religious teacher writes for antisemitic site

Hubert Hecker, a teacher at a school in the Bistum Limburg, writes for the antisemitic Christian fundamentalist site Surpringly nobody seemed to be bothered about it.

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SVP politician Nicolas Hofmann’s financial fraud

Blick reports that SVP politician Nicolas Hofmann is involved in financial fraud. He also pays no aliments to his divorced wife and children despite living in a luxury apartment. This is in line of what other SVP politicians are doing. … Continue reading

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René Kuhn (Ex-SVP) invites anti-semitic speaker, makes anti-semitc remarks

Kuhn was criticized by a Jewish organization because he invited the antisemitic speaker Karlheinz Klement (who once said the Jews need a second lesson/another Holocaust). Kuhn replied to the Jewish organization: “If you knew how many people are coming to … Continue reading

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Amnesty International satirizes the SVP

Amnesty International released a video satirizing the SVP’s propaganda against all asylum seekers. In it, SVP leaders are reincarnated as asylum seekers and receive no help because of the politics of the SVP. They have to cook their favorite pet, … Continue reading

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