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Nazis in Swiss Army and Schlüer (SVP leader) calls asylum seekers scum

Sonntags Zeitung and other Swiss media report that many neonazis are also in the Swiss army, and there is no procedure to remove them.—und-in-der-Schweizer-Armee-14511127 Ulrich Schlüer called asylum seekers scum and animals, and his remarks have now been criticzed … Continue reading

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SVP politician Seppi Spiess: I’m very happy that he [a slavic person] got killed

A local SVP politician has been criticized after writing on facebook that he is very happy that the police shot dead an East-European person after he stole a car. SVP leader Freysinger has proposed that the SVP should forbid its … Continue reading

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Bernhard Schaub, Oliver Hasler distribute 60000 anti-semitic flyers in Swiss cities

We have already previously reported that Europäische Aktion, a right-wing organization, regularly distributes anti-semitic flyers in Swiss cities. Schaub, Hasler and the other members plan to continue these activities every 3 months.

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SVP plans McCarthy campaign against universities

Because the University fired the incompetent Christoph Mörgeli, the SVP plans McCarthy campaign against universities. In fact, Mörgeli was not fired sooner precisely because he was a leading SVP politician, otherwise he would have been fired much sooner. Now Blocher … Continue reading

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Kewil of PipiNews publishes anti-semitic screed

Kewil, one of three bloggers on Pipinews,  originally on 21 January 2011 published anti-semitic screed at his defunct blog “Facts and Fictions”, because Merkel received an award from a Jewish organization. Antisemitic comments from kewil’s original blog post: Berliner Kindl … Continue reading

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Blocher and the nazi past of EMS Chemie

Blocher, SVP leader and owner of EMS Chemie, does not like to talk about the nazi links in the early history of EMS Chemie. However, when the debate about the holocaust nazi gold was in the news, Blocher was very … Continue reading

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Urs ­Ursprung (SVP) refuses to give numbers of tax fraud in Switzerland

Urs ­Ursprung (SVP) refuses to give numbers of tax fraud in Switzerland. As expected, SVP, the party for white-collar crime and for bank bailouts, also supports tax evasion.  

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